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Gauge Capability Studies in Leak Testing Processes

Employing an automatic leak test station is one of the fundamental steps in advanced manufacturing system. This is done not only for assuring product quality, but also for monitoring process stability. However, it is necessary to provide a practical way to evaluate the monitoring capability of an automatic leak test station for its application. The monitoring capability usually referred to as a Gauge Capability, or a GR&R (or simply R&R). A GR&R study should be done before incorporating the test station into a production process.

What is Gauge Repeatability and Reproducibility, or GR&R?

Gauge Capability Studies in Leak Testing Processes-App Note from UsonIt is a measure of the capability of a gauge to obtain the same measurement reading every time the measurement process is undertaken for the same characteristic or parameter. Mathematically, GR&R is the amount of measurement variation introduced by the gauge and the individual using the instrument. Measurement system variation is often a major contributor to the observed process variation, and in some cases it is found to be the major contributor. As part of continuing education about leak testing and detection, Uson has published an Application Note on GR&R. It is called the Gauge Capability Studies in Leak Testing Processes. Download App Note »

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