The Pioneer of Modern Leak Testing

New Product Showcase: Sprint mD

Uson announces the new SprintmD leak tester,  that is specifically designed to accommodate complex test procedures, now up to 750 psi.

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Mobile Leak Testing Calculator… Definitely A MUST Have!

A multi-platform app for your smart phone and tablet, this handy tool estimates production rate for leak-tested parts based on known testing specifications.

Free apps available in both: Apple App Store and Android Google Play

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World Leader in Leak Testing

Uson is the premier provider of leak testing equipment, systems and solutions and the industry pioneer with 50 years experience.

The automotive, industrial, medical device and packaging industries all count on us for creative, innovative testing in order to ensure they are bringing the highest quality products to market. You can too.

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What We Do

The Pioneer of Modern Leak testing

We took innovative technology we first developed for NASA during the Space Race and applied it to a wide range of automated industrial assembly applications. Even after 50 years of leadership we still manufacture the most versatile and reliable lineup of leak and flow testers in the industry. And no one has more combined leak-testing experience than the professionals at Uson.

What We Offer

Technology. Methodology. Guidance.

In addition to designing the industry’s best leak testers, our experienced staff helps manufacturers determine the best leak testing equipment for their specific application requirements. We provide guidance on different types of leak tests and testing methodology, and our new environmentally controlled calibration lab is at their disposal. We do this FREE OF CHARGE, since our goal is to help ensure our clients put safe, high-performance products on the market efficiently and cost effectively.

Industries We Serve

Where We’re Making an Impact

Uson provides leak and flow testing equipment to four primary industries: automotive, medical, industrial and packaging. We help manufacturers all over the world test their products efficiently and cost effectively, which has become increasingly important, as their own production cycles get shorter.


Our Manufacturing Partners

We are proud to be the leak and flow testing partner to an extraordinary group of manufacturers during this historic period of elevated expectations and increased productivity. Some of the biggest names in global manufacturing rely on Uson as their leak testing expert partner…

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