The Pioneer of Modern Leak Testing

Easy Leak Testing With a Programmable Regulator

The Problem

When conducting multiple tests using different test pressures, operators face the problem of constantly adjusting manual air pressure regulators. This is not only time consuming, it elevates the skill level required and increases the odds of human error when leak testing.

A cracking pressure test (often used for

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Catheter Testing Using the SprintMD


Catheters are used to diagnose and treat many different medical conditions. This creates a need for a wide range of catheter designs. As such, testing them to ensure safety and reliability is of critical importance. However, due to the range of tests that must be completed, this process can

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Leak Tester Sustainability.

The EU’s hazardous substances directive, RoHS, is a fine example of why instrument and equipment purchasing decisions made today by device manufacturers must be anticipating the medical device designs of the future.

To backtrack, the gist of RoHS has been to restrict the use of lead and other potentially hazardous

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Pressure Rise Leak Testing

This month I’d like to discuss leak testing of a fuel regulator.

There are several potential methods that could be used for this device and it therefore makes a good candidate for a discussion around the pros and cons of each.

The fuel pressure regulator is an engine management component

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Leak Testers for the Space Age

50 Years ago this Summer (July) we watched with awe as Apollo 11 blasted into space with the objective of placing the first human beings on the moon. We watched as engineers and astronauts flipped switches and computers responded to every command as if by magic. We wondered what kind

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Leak Testing- An Automotive Perspective.

The continuous innovation in the automotive industry has ramped up in recent years.  Demands for fuel efficiency and hybrid designs have sent automotive design engineers back to the drawing boards for components that had been somewhat static in years’ past.  Protecting powertrain and all body electronics from exposures has renewed

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Leak Testing Silos.

Leak Testing and Departmental Silos

As someone who has worked for longer than I care to remember helping companies in a wide range of industries engineer cost-effective leak testing solutions, it’s pretty easy for me to spot design teams that have worked in an isolated silo.

The evidence appears at my desk in the form

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Leak Testing Challenges of Cardiac Catheters

The term “catheter” is an insufficient description for a leak testing specialist. However, “cardiac catheter” immediately brings to mind a number of leak test challenges that must be considered and overcome, largely because of the need to operate over a wide range of pressures.

Safety and reliability of cardiac catheters

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