The Pioneer of Modern Leak Testing

Exposing the Hidden Value of Leak Testing

Exposing The Hidden Value of Leak Testing

Selecting the Right Leak Testing Equipment Can Add Value in Unexpected Ways

Doing more with less has become the new norm. Since the COVID-19 pandemic corporations and families alike have different perspectives on spending and the concept of value. Value is an interesting concept. Value for some is getting more for less money, and for others it means spending a little more to get a whole lot more. In this article I would like to delve into the value of leak testing, and specifically how selecting the right leak testing equipment can add value in unexpected ways.

Evolution of Uson Leak Tester Models for Solid-State Pressure Transducers

Sprint LC Leak Tester

Years ago, Uson made a simple leak tester known as the Sprint LC and it became the workhorse of medical device leak testing. So much so that it was never really retired – we kept adding more features and special versions until no more was practical and then we introduced Sprint iQ. For a while the Sprint LC and iQ co-existed. One of the features that made the Sprint LC popular was its capacity to perform an electrical test we referred to as the “transducer test”.

Manufacturers of solid-state pressure transducers face a demanding task when testing this kind of electro-mechanical product. The test typically measures the transducer output in millivolts at a fixed excitation voltage and at a known pressure input. The test must also verify there are no body or external leaks in the device!

The Value of Leak Tester Versatility and Operational Real Estate

Optima vT Leak Tester

Although Sprint LC is now obsolete, Optima vT can accept inputs from a variety of sensors and measuring against customer assigned limits. This capacity for measurement can be used to add value to a leak test where a product not only needs to be leak tight but also has another unrelated function. Examples of this might include torque testing valves, checking weight, and measuring electrical output or temperature. This versatility makes Optima vT a valuable asset to have in your leak testing and functional testing toolbox

There are two dimensions to this added value. Clearly there is one of cost – only one instrument is required instead of two. Secondly, there the operational real estate. One tester doing the job of two saves space. This can be a significant advantage when automation is involved and could potentially eliminate the need for an entire station and any associated transfer equipment.

Value Is Everywhere

My purpose of selecting this topic is not to reminisce about the Sprint LC or brag about the capabilities of the Optima vT, but rather to point out that value is everywhere you look, even in leak testing. You just need to know what you are looking for.

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Joe Pustka

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