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The Pioneer of Modern Leak Testing

Feasibility Testing

Leak Detector Selection

At Uson, we have the people and resources that can help you determine the best leak detection equipment for your specific application requirements.

We do this FREE OF CHARGE*. Our leak detector specialists have extensive knowledge in the full range of leak testing techniques and can help you to determine the best leak detection equipment to use, including-

  • the type of leak tests performed (pressure, pressure decay, mass flow, helium, flow tests, etc.)
  • leak detector model designed for test requirements such as specific test cycle times, leak rate, or leak test pressures
  • recommendation for a single channel or multi-channel leak detector
  • fixture design required for correct leak detector operation
  • options for leak detection equipment data capture that best incorporate with existing Six Sigma or similar quality initiatives
  • Software integration for optimum efficiency of all leak detection equipment
  • automation required for error-proofing leak detector operation by lightly skilled workforces in globally distributed manufacturing operations

and more…

Uson offers two leak detection selector services

Leak Detector Express Proposal service:

  • Appropriate for most companies and especially those attempting to speed time to market for new products or to fully tool new assembly operations with best-match leak detectors.
  • The Uson “Express” service employs the vast Uson database of leak test solutions to quickly determine best match leak detectors for most RFP proposals.

Leak Detection Equipment Custom Application Proposal service:

Designed for more challenging test specifications or others requiring additional study prior to selecting best match leak detectors.
For example-

  • leak detection equipment including high flow valves capable of filling large volumes quickly
  • leak detectors with built in pneumatic circuits that automatically switch leak tests from one side of a part to another
  • leak detection equipment optimized for multiple test pressure requirements, etc.
  • custom fixtures including cylinders or other movements
  • and complete turnkey systems

Uson – THE pioneer of modern leak testing who took technology first developed for NASA and brought it to bear on a wide range of medical, automotive and other automated industrial assembly applications has the most experienced team and the most up-to-date leak detection equipment in the world.

Tell us your leak testing challenge – We will help.

* Instances where extensive testing and reporting or gauge R&R is required may attract a small charge which is often refundable against a purchase.

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