How to Leak Test


How to Perform Leak Tests

A product’s function (and its subsequent profitability) relies on maintaining efficiency and production. To keep your workflow running smoothly, periodic leak tests are going to be essential. Luckily, there are several available methods for checking parts for leaks.

See Any Air Bubbles?

One method to check for leaks involves filling the suspect part with air and then watching, listening or feeling for leaks. Any leaks will be easily discernible if the hole or break is large enough, however this will take time and a lot of attention. Another method is to simply submerge the air-filled part in water and wait for any air bubbles to pop up. Clearly, these are options anyone could do, however you may find yourself losing valuable time as you’re waiting to see, feel, or hear results.

Have a Pressure Gauge?

If you own a pressure gauge, now’s the time to use it. Connect the part you’re testing to a pressure gauge and watch for any drop in pressure. This can take time as the leak may be very small, so this isn’t recommended if you’re looking for a quick solution.

Best Solution: Electronic Leak Testing

The most practical method to test for leaks is with electronic leak testing devices, as it’s not only hands off–it’s most reliable, too.

With electronic leak testing, you connect a computer to a pneumatic system and let the computer control the testing process. The tester valves open to allow air into the test part and then close the valves to isolate it. After the system has stabilized, the pressure decay over time is measured, and the part is exhausted. This method is called Electronic Pressure Decay Leak Testing. It can determine the pressure decay characteristics of a non-leaking part, often referred to as the Master Part, because its characteristics illustrate what a good part should look like.

In short, the electronic tester fills a Master Part with air, and then records the pressure change of the part over time. Once these pressure readings are memorized by the computer, production parts can be checked for leaks by comparing their pressure characteristics to the Master Part. This ensures consistency throughout the part or system once any leaks have been determined.

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