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Leak Rate Calculator

Uson’s Leak Rate Calculator is a multi-platform smart device app for your phone or tablet! This convenient and easy-to-use app can calculate leak rate and estimate cycle times right from your for your iOS or Android device.  

Leak Rate Calculations in Minutes from Your Smartphone or Tablet

Need to estimate production rate for your leak tested parts based on known testing specifications? Then this smartphone app is for you!  Great resource for leak testing and product development engineers, technicians, systems integrators and production people within the automotive, electric vehicles, medical device, industrial and packaging industries.

FREE Download on Google Play and iTunes:

This handy little leak testing tool can be downloaded from Google Play or iTunes at no cost.

Android and Apple iOS Applications – Download now from the applicable app store:

Google Play and Apple iTunes


Leak Rate Calculator Features & Benefits

This handy smart phone app is full of useful leak testing calculation tools you will use every day including:

  1. Solve for Total Cycle Time
  2. Solve Part Volume
  3. Solve Leak Rate
  4. Solve for Expected Pressure Change
  5. Solve for Test Time
  6. Solve for Leak Rate
  7. Common Pressure Unit Converter
  8. Common Flow Unit Converter
  9. Pressure Decay Cycle Time
  10. Calculation for Part Volume Size
  11. Selectable Engineering Units

Uson’s Leak Rate Calculator is the next best thing to having a leak test expert in your pocket!

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