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Optima vT Barcode Filing CapabilityBarcode Filter Capabilities of The Optima vT Leak Tester

Recently we were asked to work on a customer application involving bar codes. The result was a very happy customer, in addition to new leak tester barcode filter capabilities for OptimavT.  Before we dive into the application, let’s have a brief history lesson on the origins of barcodes.

The barcode was invented in 1949 by Joe Woodland on a beach in Miami. Woodland envisaged a system of coding that could make grocery checkout lines move faster.  It was a brilliant concept but, frustratingly, years ahead of its time. You, see creating the codes was relatively easy but the technology to read them did not exist. Thus, it was almost 30 years later that the first barcode in commercial use was scanned at a supermarket in Troy, FL in 1974.

Meeting & Exceeding Application Requirements

Many Uson customers in a variety of industries are using barcodes in their production operations. This particular customer required barcode filtering capability that verifies the scan order.  They needed to scan the model number code on their product first, then the serial number code.  Next, the customer needed tester to verify the format of the code is correct, and if the code did not match the defined parameters, return an error message.  The Optima vt was an excellent choice for this application due to its ability to accept inputs from a variety of sources and basing decisions on the data. The tester can also accept data from QR codes and RFID devices.

Our team configured the Optima to meet the customers’ requirement allowing them to streamline their operations.  As a result of this project, Uson added another powerful scanning-related feature; The ability to display the scanned barcode information in a human readable format on the details screen.  This feature allows for convenient and efficient product data verification keeping cycle times on schedule.

Versatile Leak Testing Innovation for Many Applications 

The versatile OptimavT has applications in a wide variety of situations – industrial products assembly, automotive components, medical devices, packaging and more. To raise the bar even further, Uson will be announcing some exciting NEW features available on the Optima tester in the next several weeks, so stay tuned!

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