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The Pioneer of Modern Leak Testing

Leak Testers for the Space Age

50 Years ago last month we watched with awe as Apollo 11 blasted into space with the objective of placing the first human beings on the moon. We watched as engineers and astronauts flipped switches and computers responded to every command as if by magic. We wondered what kind of immensely powerful computer was required to multi-task so many events and perform such complicated calculations – it must be so advanced we thought. Well not quite, at least not in today’s terms.

In fact the, Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC) had far less computing power than today’s smartphones. What’s more the processor developed for the first IBM PC, the 8088 chip, had 8 times more memory than the 2K in the AGC. Thinking about this, I realized that the computing power in any Uson leak tester is powerful enough to put a man on the moon ( in theory). That sounds amazing, but so what you might say, you could do it with a smart-phone and still have enough juice left over to watch your favorite movie.

So what does all that power do for our leak testers?

Our more sophisticated leak testers like Optima vT and Vector can perform multi step leak and flow test sequences, jump from step to step based upon conditional outcomes, make decisions upon those outcomes and communicate back and forth with external devices. They can encrypt data, store it to remote network domains, protect it from intentional corruption, and analyze it to present it in an easy to understand graphical manner.

Multi-channel leak testers like Optima vT and Vector are true masters of multi-tasking. Custom pneumatic circuits, digital I/O, powerful OS and software enable them to take on the toughest challenges. For example see OptimavT and ISO 80369 Small Bore Connectors Standards .

Even our smaller products like Qualitek mR and Sprint mD have powerful features including parts grading, program steps, and graphical results analysis.

Raptor with its remote user interface and portable device compatibility not only has the computing power but it also features Uson’s Stallion Valve block with a 50,000,000 cycle life expectancy.

Many innovations that kick started product development came from the golden age of space exploration – memory foam, freeze drying, infra-red thermometers, and, yes, invisible braces to name but a few. The need for more powerful data processing is certainly one of the “innovations of necessity”. It has driven the development of the personal computer, something that some thought would be a lame duck. Now we are well and truly into the second great age of space travel, who knows what we’ll be talking about in 50 years time.

Joe Pustka

Director Applications Engineering

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