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SprintmD Demonstrates Innovation

Innovation: That’s the subject of this post. I have been with Uson for over 38 years and in that time we have introduced new products at probably much the same rate as any other industrial goods manufacturer. However, over the last few years I have to say the rate of product development here has increased significantly, especially in the last two years.

This month I’m proud to introduce you to the SprintmD our latest leak tester designed to give a helping hand to the medical device manufacturing community. Many new products arrive with no heritage and might take quite a while to establish their credentials, especially in an industry where non-compliance and mistakes can be severely punished.

That’s not going to be the case with SprintmD – it has heritage aplenty, staring from Sprint LC, and evolving through Sprint iQ. That’s one of the reasons I think our engineering team has hit a home run with our latest product – they took the fundamentals of two popular products and made something even better.

At the beginning of this post I mentioned innovation and here’s why. Innovation in medical device manufacture drives companies like ours to come up with new ways to cope with higher and lower pressure leak testing demands, better data security, smaller test volumes, intricate gas pathways and complex leak test steps and programming. Innovation in component design enables us to approach these challenges in ways that were not easy or even possible in the past. So, the SprintmD is a product truly born of innovation.

Let me show you what I mean.

Globalization is a key characteristic of the medical device industry

SprintmD packs no less than eight languages. Now users can be confident of their data wherever in the world their products are produced.

The cost of non-compliance for medical device manufacturers can be high

SprintmD assists compliance with 21CFR 11, MHRA/EU Annex 11 and other requirements. Its built-in analytics track historical trends that can alert the user to process degradation while data collection, archiving and reporting maintains a trail of accountability that supports quality systems, regulatory requirements and manufacturing processes.

Medical devices can be complex.

SprintmD can handle a wide range of multi-functional tests, performing integrity and performance tests in a single instrument. Thus it is possible to minimize clean room space requirements, facilitate training and improve productivity.

Pictures paint a thousand words.

SprintmD features a large 8.5” touch screen user interface that is the gateway to programming, test data, security and user access, and real time test status, beautifully presented with easy to follow graphics.

All things are not equal.

SprintmD is available in a variety of configurations because one configuration is unlikely to support every test as almost every test is different. Two and four channel concurrent configurations for fast throughput and one to four channel sequential units to handle complex tests. There are pressure range options from vacuum to 100psi and flow rates up to 20 liters per minute. For manufacturers with a variety of devices to test this permits standardization of instruments with benefits to be gained in training, maintenance and technical support.

It plays nice.

SprintmD integrates easily with your manufacturing and IT systems. Fieldbus technology and expanded I/O mean that SprintmD will communicate with other devices and provide decision making signals that can streamline your processes.

At Uson we have always striven to be the best that we can be and have stayed true to our core competence. Focus like this is extremely rare but it means that we continue to be able to say that we are leak testing experts. When we introduce a new product, you can be sure that we did it because it will improve user experience for our customers and it furthers our cause to be the best at what we do.

SprintmD brings it all.

For more information or to arrange a demonstration please call me on 281-671-2000 or email

Joe Pustka

Director Applications Engineering

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