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Trends in the Medical Device Manufacturing Industry – a three-part series

This article is a 3-part series

Part 3 – Consolidation of companies within the medical device manufacturing industry is creating challenges relating to globalization

Consolidation of companies within the industry is creating challenges relating to global integration, such as language and communication issues, uniformity of processes, and availability of skilled human resources. Even in the face of these challenges, medical device manufacturers must operate at maximum profitability.

What we’re seeing is that instruments that accommodate language localization – especially leak testers – are increasingly important. Different labor challenges exist in different world areas, so leak testers should be easy to use, to accommodate a wide range of skill sets and experiences. Features like large touchscreens with a fast response makes viewing and accessing specific information easy.

A global industry also presents manufacturing challenges. Differences in raw materials in different world areas can create variations in the medical device product. This makes it important for leak tester experts to understand how manufacturing variables in areas like geometries or volumes will impact test results. Another challenge can present itself with remote locations and international borders, which can make it difficult and expensive to ship testers across borders. This creates challenges for calibration or repair. A field-proven instrument with built-in self-diagnostics that provide information about the health of the instrument is the ideal choice. One last challenge can exist with the I/O – the multitude of I/O options makes it likely that I/O will be different across different regions. A leak tester that accommodates a wide range of communication protocols is essential for two-way communication.

The SprintmD was designed to address the challenges of globalization. Its design fixtures and built-in test procedures ensure the leak tester is representative of what the end user is looking for. It is designed with a premium manifold, which allows for an excellent signal-to-noise ratio. This means that the response time is faster and repeatability is higher. Additionally, the instrument’s built-in self-diagnostics provide valuable information about the health of the tester.

The SprintmD accommodates a wide range of communication protocols, including Modbus, Ethernet IP, Profibus, and Foundation Fieldbus, making communication to and from the control system (DCS or PLC) seamless. This improves the ability to make informed decisions in a production environment.

For more information on the SprintmD, click here.

This article is a 3-part series

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