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More Than a Leak Tester; OptimavT is a Functional Testing Tool Box Too!

As leak tester experts we have laser focus on solving leak test applications for our clients. The tests are usually static. That is to say, that the part or assembly is not usually operated.

Some of these leak tests actually challenge the correct functioning of the assembly. A good example is the crack testing of pressure relief and one way valves, whereby pressure is ramped up until the valve opens. We want this test to verify that the valve will open at the specified design pressure and also that it will not open below the specified   pressure.  All very well if you have a simple test like that, but what if you have a more complex assembly?

Well, did you know that the “v” in Optima vT stands for “versatile”? That’s right, vT stands for Versatile Tester. When we designed the Optima vT, leak testing was, of course, front of mind. However, we also gave the leak tester the ability to insert and delete steps (up to 32) and to accept input from a variety of sensors:

Gage Pressure – for leak testing. Simple pressure decay leak testing and more complex multi-channel testing. For example, multi lumen catheters.

Differential pressure – for improved leak testing in certain situations. For example, testing for very small leaks or improving cycle time.

Mass flow – for flow measurement and leak testing. Large volumes can be effectively tested with mass flow techniques.

Mass flow Controller – for enhanced flow measurement techniques.

Laminar flow – for flow and leak testing, especially for flow regulated products like burners.

LVDT – measurement of movement. For example, functional test of actuating cylinders.

Load cell – measurement of force. We use it in leak testing flexible packaging, but it could be used to measure weight or torque.

Electrical current – test for current flow, for example if a circuit is made or broken.

Electrical voltage – test for voltage, for example alternator function.

Temperature – measure temperature, for example in the application of temperature compensation or temperature dependent functionality as in fire sprinklers.

So, you see, Optima vT has much more to offer than solely leak testing. With assembly and test real estate under pressure (excuse the pun), system designers can look to ways to create added value by combining tests into single stations in some circumstances.

If you are wondering how Optima vT (or Vector) might be configured for your multi-channel, multi-discipline test, give our Applications Engineering Group a call or email me at

Joe Pustka

Director Applications Engineering

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