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Movin’ On Up With SprintmD

One of the things we are all influenced by at some time in our lives, to a lesser or greater extent, is the fear of change. The old adage “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” is often lined up a as great reason to continue with the status quo, and in many cases it has been good advice. But, the counter argument says that change is necessary or in the big picture life would go on with no improvements and there would be no new technology to address the need for change. Be careful here, this is one of those chicken and egg situations.

Many Uson customers have Sprint LC leak testers that are ten, fifteen, twenty years or more old. Others have SprintiQ, still a teenager, at fifteen years old. These trusted and true product s have given good service and can continue to handle most basic applications, but times have moved on. For example twenty years ago, networking was only just getting a foothold in leak testing, but now it is common place and several varieties exist.

Lately we have talked in this blog about features of the new SprintmD. In my opinion there is one extremely useful feature that is easily overlooked and, for the users of those old leak testers, it might be the most valuable. The Sprint series has been, since its inception, the “go to“choice for medical device manufacturers. The small footprint, multiple concurrent and sequential channels, variety of tests and customizable pneumatics have made it deservedly popular. However, as we all know, the industry is heavily regulated. This means that change, even when welcome, can generate a seriously impressive amount of work. Well, although we can’t help with all of the document changes, Uson can make upgrading to SprintmD easy.

Sprint LC to Sprint mD Program Conversion Tool

SprintmD has been designed so that, with a few software tools that we supply, users can transfer programs from LC and iQ models straight over to SprintmD with confidence. In fact, you’ll know before you even buy a SprintmD whether your programs can be safely transferred. Using our special diagnostic tools we can download your programs and run a compatibility test which will compare what’s set up on your leak tester to what’s available in SprintmD.

 If something is required in your new leak tester we are able to address that need in the configuration of your SprintiQ.

Also, we are now able to offer IQ/OQ templates to make the introduction of SprintmD even simpler. I’ll talk more about those on another occasion.

So, the case for upgrading couldn’t be much clearer:

  • Easy to do – no manual reprogramming.
  • No risk – software tools will ensure success.
  • IQ/OQ templates.
  • Uson “know how” will get you movin’ on up.

To find out more or schedule a check up contact me at

Joe Pustka

Director Applications Engineering

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