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Navigating The Complexities of Custom Testing Systems

In many manufacturing environments, an “off the shelf” testing solution is not enough to meet application requirements.  Navigating the complexities of building custom testing systems can be challenging.  There are many considerations including space, fixtures and test equipment, as well as determining if a fully automatic, semi-automatic or manual system is needed. While navigating the process of designing a complete system that includes product delivery, sealing, clamping, testing and marking can seem overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be.  Uson’s custom systems group, Uson Innovative Systems (UIS), specializes in the design, manufacture and implementation of solutions that address our customers’ requirements with Uson leak testers as central components.

Custom Test Systems Built To Your Application Requirements

Together with our partner, Innovative Products, We design and manufacture test systems to requirements that range from a simple fixture or quick connect coupling to complete systems, including product delivery, sealing, clamping, test and marking. Uson has designed several hundred solutions for customers ranging from simple fixtures to highly precise tooling to complex multi-station high speed systems incorporating assembly technologies, assembly validation, part marking, and one or more leak testing methods.

Custom Testing System Projects:

Balloon Product - Manual Sprint iQ Pressure Decay System.

Balloon Product – Manual Sprint iQ Pressure Decay System.

Semi-Automatic Sprint iQ system using pressure decay testing.

Semi-Automatic Sprint iQ system using pressure decay testing.

Manual Qualitek mR Vacuum Force Decay Testing System.

Manual Qualitek mR Vacuum Force Decay Testing System.

UIS continues to assure the quality of medical devices, as well as the products we use every day, helping freezers to cool more efficiently, washing machines to clean better, thermostats to sense more accurately, and camping equipment to be safer.  We partner with our customers every step of the way, creating systems that will support their production, quality and safety objectives.

Every UIS test system is manufactured with the same strong commitment to customer satisfaction that has made Uson a leader in the leak testing industry. For more information on UIS, read more at UIS Leak Test Systems

Give Uson a call and let’s talk about your next manufacturing project!

Uson Innovative Products (UIS)

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