Pressure Rise Leak Test

Pressure Rise Test Pneumatic Diagram

What is a Pressure Rise Leak Test?

A Pressure Rise Leak test works in the opposite way of a pressure decay test. This test method is less sensitive to temperature changes and is a go/no-go test; detecting the total system leak. The test part must be rigid enough to resist flexing or expanding. If more than one leak exists, other detection techniques must be used.

How is a Pressure Rise Test performed?

To begin the test, the test part is filled to a specified pressure and measured with pressure sensor P1. The chamber is allowed to equilibrate to atmospheric pressure and the pressure is monitored with pressure sensor P2.

Next, the test is started and P2 is monitored for any rising pressure over a specified time. A small amount of air is introduced into the chamber to verify chamber integrity.

Upon completion of the test, both the test part and the chamber are vented. Finally, the test part is replaced and another test is started.



Pressure Rise Test Pneumatic Diagram

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