The Pioneer of Modern Leak Testing

Qualitek mR: Muti-Range Leak & Flow Tester

The proven standard for fast, reliable leak testing in light- to-medium duty industrial applications.

Qualitek mR combines the latest advances in multi-range (mR) leak and flow testing technology with the expertise and reliability of Uson.

Qualitek MR

Versatile & Affordable

For many years, Qualitek has been the proven standard for fast, reliable leak testing in industrial markets. this versatile and affordable product offers high-quality and accurate results for light- to medium-duty industrial leak testing applications.

Today’s mR line combines the best features of  predecessors into one efficient and easy-to-use tester. Backed by Uson’s world-renowned reputation, Qualitek mR sets a new benchmark of accuracy and dependability in leak testing equipment for multi-range leak and flow testing equipment. Designed to be used on the benchtop or mounted into automated systems, the Qualitek mR is impressively simple to use. The convenient and easy-to-read display lends efficiency and helps prevent errors. 

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Qualitek mR is a highly configurable system that accepts a full range of tests and transducers. It contains the most current leak testing technology, including a powerful toolbox complete with a full menu of options including:

• Pressure profile
• Charting
• Data analysis
• Programs storage
• Scroll-and-click control wheel

Qualitek mR Specifications

Qualitek mR Notes
  • Industrial
  • Packaging
  • Medical
  • Automotive
Max Channels - Design 1

Channel Operating Modes

Qualitek mR Notes

Leak Test Media

Qualitek mR Notes
Compressed Air
Contact factory for other media.


Qualitek mR Notes
Max Decision Sensors / tester 3 0 to 5 VDC max
Max Sensors / channel 2 One sensor is exclusively for temperature compensation.
A/D resolution (bits) 24 High resolution for greater accuracy.
Max Analog Outputs / tester 1 0 to 10 VDC
Max Analog Outputs / channel 1
Analog Output bits PWM (~12) Pulse width modulation (PWM)
Maximum 24V DC discrete digital inputs/tester 11
Valve Control signals / tester 16 (Internal) Configure and control complex pneumatic circuits
Maximum 24V DC discrete digital outputs / tester 5 Qualitek mR has 5 PLC outputs for decision making
Digital I/O Expansion option 8 in/16 out requires relays for valves Requires additional PCB
Two-handed start support (software based) Valuable safety feature for semi auomate systems.
Digital I/O Voltage Level 24 vdc

Communication Interfaces

Qualitek mR Notes
RS-232 ports / tester 1
Host USB 2.0 ports 2
Device USB ports 1
Modbus Serial

Local Area Network Support

Qualitek mR Notes
RJ 45 Ethernet ports 1 Connect to a network.
Logging to a networked disk
Emailed alerts Notify supervisor of consecutive rejects, % rejects and other data.

Physical Characteristics

Qualitek mR Notes
Size (H*W*D) Inches 9.5* X 13.75 X 13.5 **
*12 inches with base attached
**17 inches with filter bowl/regulator attached
Weight lbs 24
Color Display size 8.5"
Color Display pixels 640 x 480 Hi resolution graphical user interface
Touch screen display Full operator control from front panel if desired.
Touch scroll control pad
Front-panel membrane buttons 5
Front-panel run / program key
Front panel start/abort buttons
NEMA 12 Indoor protection against common non corrosive liquids and dust.
Integrated pneumatics Qualitek mR requires no external pneumatics enclosure.
Test Ports 1
Calibration Ports 1
Test port style 1/8 NPT Female
Pendant Style Remote Control Remote control via pendant - useful for when the unit is caged or access is controlled.

Sensor Types

Qualitek mR Notes
Mass flow
Differential pressure
Load cell
Temperature For the QMR the temperature input is exclusively for temperature compensation.

Test Techniques / Step Types

Qualitek mR Notes
Pressure Decay with optional comp & optional cal from 0 to 1 500 psi Most common test techniques supported for a tester with integral pneumatic circuit.
Mass Flow with optional comp & optional cal from 0 to 20 slpm
Vacuum decay
Pressure Increase Chamber Test
Sealed component test (a.k.a., Metered Chamber Test)
Occlusion Test
Auto Zero
Wait for input
Coarse Flow
Vacuum Force Decay
Differential Vacuum
Differential Pressure decay; 0 to 15 bar

Operational Features

Qualitek mR Notes
Real time clock
Program select via Digital Inputs Interface easily with PLC
Start / Abort via Digital inputs
Bar code input & control Select programs according to bar code reader.
Auto Comp & Auto Cal Built in calibration mode makes calibration easy.
Temp Comp (Pressure change)
Regulator - closed loop control
Configurable Pressure Units: psig, mbar, inH2O, mmH2O, inHg, mmHg, Kpa or Kg/cm2 Select units familiar to the locale.
Parts Grading Identify borderline failures for reclaim.
Auto Run Mode Tester will continue to test automatically until aborted.
Conditional Program Jumps Jump from program to program based upon conditional inputs.
Accept/ Reject Step Markers – Continuous with timeout
Accept/ Reject Step Markers - Pulsed

Data: Statistics and Graphical Displays

Qualitek mR Notes
Accept/ Reject / Total Counts Wide variety of statistical reports to provide valuable information for SPC and SQC.
Min/Max Test Result
Average Pass/Reject Result
Standard Deviation of all test results
Range of test results
Pressure versus time plot


Qualitek mR Notes
Operating System Software Unix Based
Run/Program security key
Password protection
Hard Disk
R/W DVD (CD) option
Addressable Programs 99
Internal Test Result storage (test cycles) 1000
Sequence Program link. Stop control, Vent control, Delay time option, Step control Program complex tests and base decisions on conditional inputs.
Sensor Calibration Software zero & span with option of multi-point linearization per analog input. Built in calibration mode makes zero and span simple to perform.

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