Seal Creep Leak Test

Seal Creep Test Pneumatic Diagram

What is a Seal Creep Leak Test?

A Seal Creep Leak test tests products, such as blister packages, that must hold a certain amount of air pressure without failing, but may increase in size or “creep up” during the test.

How is a Seal Creep test performed?

After the Seal Creep test is selected in the Test Parameters Menu, select the Pass/Reject Limit Menu to specify the Reject Maximum pressure. This causes the tester to pass product reaching this pressure setting. Any products that fail to reach the setpoint in the allowed test time, or open to atmosphere (burst) before reaching the the setpoint are rejected.

Next, an Event Limit pressure must be defined in the Pass/Reject Limit Menu which determines the limit of allowable pressure variation events permitted as the pressure ramps. For example, if set to 1 psi, a jump event of 1 psi during the test will cause the test to reject the product.

The Event Limit should not be set to zero, as it will cause all creep tests to fail.


Seal Creep Test Pneumatic Diagram

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