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Uson L.P., Uson Ltd., (hereinafter called Seller)
Standard Terms and Conditions

Acceptance of Goods

– The goods shall be deemed acceptable by Buyer following delivery unless Buyer notifies Seller within thirty (30) days following receipt of any nonconformity of goods.


– Product installation is not included as part of the sale unless expressly stated in our quotation. Installation may be available for an additional charge. Installation assistance may be provided at no additional charge at the discretion of Seller.


– If Buyer does not make payment for the goods when due, Buyer agrees to pay interest to Seller on the outstanding balance at the rate of one and one-half percent (1 ½%) per month.

Security Interest

– Buyer grants to Seller, and Seller reserves, a purchase money security interest in all goods purchased hereunder, and in any proceeds thereof, to secure the unpaid purchase price of such goods. Upon request from Seller, Buyer agrees to sign any document required to perfect the security interest, and appoints Seller as Buyer’s attorney-in-fact to sign such documentation on Seller’s behalf.

Costs and Attorneys Fees

– If legal action is necessary to enforce this Agreement, the prevailing party shall be entitled to an award of costs and attorney fees from the other party. Buyer agrees to pay reasonable collection expenses incurred by Seller in attempting to collect amounts due.

Legal Jurisdiction

– This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in all respects in accordance with the Laws of the State of Texas, U.S. For everything pertaining to the interpretation of and compliance with this agreement, as well as any controversy arising here from, the parties hereto expressly submit to the jurisdiction of the competent courts in the city of Houston, Texas, hereby waiving the right to any other venue which may correspond to them by reason of their present or future domiciles, or otherwise.

Cancellation Policy

– Cancellation charges are based on the Order value and the time when Seller receives written cancellation notice. Requests for cancellation charges will not be considered as authorization to stop work.

Standard Product:

Cancellation Charge

• 0 – 2 weeks from time of order: 0% of order value
• Within 2 weeks of scheduled delivery: 50% of order value
• Time between the above two periods: 25% of order value

Qualitek mR, Sprint, 628, Vector Optima vT, and Raptor Software License

– The Uson and third party Software Product(s) installed in Sprint, Qualitek mR, Vector and Optima vT Testers are licensed for use as set forth in the licensing agreement enclosed with the tester. All Qualitek mR, Vector, Optima vT and Raptor testers are shipped with a temporary license the length of which is based on payment terms. After Uson receives full payment, an authorized Uson representative will provide a permanent license.


– Seller offers a one (1) year limited warranty on our products. The warranty covers labor and material to repair or replace product deficiencies due to defects in material or workmanship. Consumable items, such as but not limited to lamps, bulbs, valves, transducers, seals, cables, and miscellaneous pneumatic and mechanical purchased items that require periodic replacement due to normal wear from use are excluded from this warranty. These items are warranted to conform to Uson’s specifications and to be free of defects at time of purchase. These items may be covered by the written warranty from their manufacturer. Warranted products may be repaired or replaced on-site or may be required to be returned to the factory, at the discretion of Seller personnel. This limited warranty shall be in lieu of and supersede all other express warranties, or implied warranties of utility, merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose of the product. Seller shall not be liable for any special, incidental, or consequential damages or for loss, damage or expense directly or indirectly arising from the use of the goods sold hereunder, or from customer’s inability to use the goods, or from any other cause. As Buyer’s sole remedy, Seller shall have the option of either repairing or replacing any defective goods covered by this limited warranty. This limited warranty shall be void if the goods are not used under the operating conditions set forth in the Owner’s Guide for the goods. Extended warranties may be purchased. Please consult Seller for a quotation.

3rd Party Tablets

– Samsung and Apple products are warrantied by Samsung and Apple respectively, Uson is not responsible for any additional warranties on these products.

Entire Agreement

– This offer contains the complete and exclusive statement of the terms and conditions that govern the sale of the goods identified herein. These terms and conditions may not be modified or rescinded except in document signed by Seller and Buyer. These terms and conditions supersede all terms and conditions contained in a Buyer’s purchase order unless agreed to in writing by the President, Global Sales Leader, Finance Leader of the Seller.

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