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We live in interesting times. If I hear that one more time……. Well in some respects it’s true.  I have written before about necessity and invention and COVID-19 has brought plenty of invention and adaptation.

One way Uson has adapted to the challenge of remote working is to offer live video product demonstrations and project reviews. Pre COVID-19, project review meetings would take place at the factory with customers coming in to review documentation and assembly progress (and experience legendary Texas hospitality). Nowadays people are not that comfortable with travelling or it’s just not possible. Nevertheless, these reviews must still take place. Whether using Skype, Teams, Zoom, Google Meet we have been holding the meetings virtually and I have to say that it’s been a great success. For one thing, it enables more people to attend. Not everyone can spare three days out of a working week for travel and a sit-down meeting. Holding a virtual meeting means that the time commitment may be reduced to just an hour or two.

 What’s more, we can even host customers from overseas. In some cases it’s even possible to host a remote factory acceptance test (FAT).

Using remote video conferencing has also provided us with a way of demonstrating products. We make many different kinds of leak testers and it’s just not practical for each of our sales team to have one of each on hand. Using live video demonstrations lets our sales team and customers take part in demonstrations with the assistance of one of our applications engineering team members.

In fact, this has proven to be a superior way of showing potential customers how a particular leak tester can provide the perfect solution to their needs. Better still, it’s easy to schedule and can accommodate guests from different locations at the same time without travel and shipping costs.

A good example of how the technology has been useful in a third way is that of a customer who was setting up a personal protective equipment manufacturing line. We received an urgent call from the client after normal business hours. They were new to leak testing and were having some problems setting up the test they needed. Within an hour we had set up a video call with them and our application engineering team leader who was able to assist them from his home office and watch them run iterations of the test until it was dialed in perfectly. They commented that it was like having our team right there alongside them.

There’s not much that can be said about this pandemic that is positive, but the use of this technology which, let’s face it , has been around for a while, has forced us into making more effective use of our resources and it has helped elevate our renowned customer service to new heights.

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Joe Pustka

Director Applications Engineering

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