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The Pioneer of Modern Leak Testing

The SprintmD Leak Tester Feels The Pressure

It’s been a while the since SprintmD leak tester was released and at the time we thought it was already an extremely versatile leak tester. That’s still the case but now even more so. SprintmD  just got even better.

Our engineering team has upped the ante with new high pressure versions, up to 750psi!

You see, some applications are demanding higher pressure these days as reliability and very low leak rates are more often sought. Medical devices in particular are a fast changing and evolving market and failure is not an option for their manufacturers. Advances in the design of, for example, catheters, require leak testers that are able to validate high performance under extreme conditions.

The new Sprint mD high pressure versions  are available with up to four channels  (concurrent) or two channels (sequential). Test ports are located on the back, left or right sides of the instrument for safety.

Two, three and four way coupling options are available depending upon sequential or concurrent testing options. Regulator selections are automatic electronic pressure type or manual with test types covering pressure decay leak, occlusion, burst and sealed component depending on sequential or concurrent tester selection.

However, our engineers didn’t limit the new features to higher pressure ranges, network connectivity also improved, but more on that another day. 

SprintmD is now our most versatile out of the box leak tester and, while most users are testing medical devices, it can also satisfy the needs of anyone manufacturing small volume components with high speed, repeatable and reliable leak testing.

All SprintmD Testers come with an impressive list of features:

  • Programmable though intuitive touch screen
  • Configurable test methods with Pass/Fail criteria at each step
  • Program Quick setup
  • Program linking for complex test sequences
  • Profile graphs with sample logging
  • End of Cycle- Hold on Reject
  • Copy and Import Programs
  • Language support : Chinese, Korean
  • Field Bus; Modbus RTU (standard)
  • Expanded Protocols: Ethernet/IP, Profinet, Profibus

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Joe Pustka

Director Applications Engineering

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