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Pictured Left to Right, Back Row: Mary-Joann King, Sean Spencer, Allen Simpson, Jay Modi
Front Row: Jose Sanchez, Aws Al-Shalash, Jose Torres

Uson’s Director of Engineering, Allen Simpson, is the driving force behind Uson’s Engineering Internship Program. Allen serves as a member of the industrial advisory board for The University of Texas at Tyler Engineering program and has coordinated the internship and senior design project program since his joining Uson in 2019. When asked about the impact this initiative has had on both Uson and the interns, Allen answered,

“The program has been a win/win for both Uson and the students. They gain valuable exposure to real-world projects and resources that will benefit them throughout their engineering careers. The Uson Engineering department benefits from their fresh perspectives and contributions.”

Differential Pressure Transducer Development Project

Engineering Professor Aws Al-Shalash and 5 Engineering students scheduled to graduate in May 2021, Jay Modi, Jose Sanchez, Jose Torres, Mary-Joann King, and Sean Spencer participated in our Differential Pressure Transducer Development Project. I had the opportunity to sit down with 3 of the 5 interns; Jose Sanchez, Jose Torres and Sean Spencer, for a brief interview to learn more about them, and what they’ve enjoyed most about working with Allen on this project. Jay and Mary-Joann were not present for the interview, but I’m looking forward to the opportunity to meet them in person before the project is complete.

Jose Sanchez, Jose Torres, and Sean Spencer were a pleasure to meet, and each had interesting and inspiring stories about why they chose Engineering as their career path. None of them knew anything about leak testing or Uson prior to starting the project. Being new to leak testing myself, we shared our similar experiences learning about leak testing and the different leak testers Uson manufacturers. I concluded the interview by asking them to share what they enjoyed most about participating in the program:

“We typically only get to see parts of projects we work on and never see the end- result. The Uson project has given us the opportunity to experience the entire process which has been a great learning experience.” ~ Jose Sanchez

“Having the opportunity to spend so much time with Allen to ask questions and tap-in to his wealth of knowledge, in addition gaining a better understanding of the manufacturing process has made this particular program so valuable to all of us as up and coming engineers.” ~ Sean Spencer

“The hands-on environment that Uson has provided for us has been a game-changer for me personally.” ~ Jose Torres

On behalf of the entire Uson team, we want to congratulate all of the interns on their upcoming graduations in May 2021 and thank them for their great work. They are all extremely talented and have very successful Engineering careers ahead of them.

Uson, LP is the premiere provider of leak testing equipment and services for the medical, automotive, industrial and packaging industries.

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