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Vector Leak Tester

Vector leak and flow testing equipment represents the ultimate in performance, speed, flexibility and durability. The Vector software runs in a windows environment making it extremely powerful yet very simple to use. Vector pneumatics are mounted in a convenient 19″ rack shelf / tray or a NEMA enclosure utilizing standard manifold blocks for easy installation and service, making it a superb choice for a leak or flow tester.

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Vector Leak Tester at a glance

Built-in Features
  • Multiple programs
  • Color flat panel display
  • Modular design
  • Gauge R&R
  • Ethernet connection
  • Hard drive
  • USB Connectivity
Multiple Test Types
  • Gauge decay
  • Differential decay
  • Mass flow
  • Back pressure
  • Flow
  • Burst
  • Crack test
  • Occlusion
  • Pressure and flow point
  • Gauge R&R

Common Options

6U NEMA Electronics Chassis

The Vector 6U NEMA Electronics Chassis includes:
  • Backplane with 7 available slots for plug-in modules
  • Up to 3 LTCUs (up to 6 channels) and an External I/O or 2 LTCUs (up to 4 channels) and two External I/O boards.
  • Optional: 12- and 15-slot backplanes.

166 MHz Master Control Unit (MCU)

The Vector 166 MHz Master Control Unit (MCU) features the following:
  • 2 Serial communication ports
  • Parallel printer port
  • USB connector
  • Ethernet connector
  • VGA connector
  • Outfitted with Windows XP(TM)
  • Supports Ethernet, TCP/IP, Modbus, Interbus-S and Profibus

600 MHz Master Control Unit (MCU)

The Vector 600 MHz Master Control Unit (MCU) features:
  • 2 Serial communication ports
  • 3 USB 2.0 connectors
  • 2 RJ-45 Ethernet connectors
  • VGA connector
  • PS/2 connector for an external mouse and keyboard
  • Outfitted with the Windows XP™ operating system
  • Supports communication protocols: Ethernet, TCP/IP, Modbus, Interbus-S, and Profibus

External Digital I/O Module

The Vector External Digital I/O Module (EDI/O) provides 16 discrete inputs and outputs with a 24 VDC reference.The Vector Digital I/O Module can be used for interfacing the leak tester to the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) I/O as well as to fixture actuators and discrete devices.

Leak Test Control Unit

Each Leak Test Control Unit (LTCU) features a 1-giga FLOPS1 RISC2 microprocessor. Each Leak Test Control Unit is available as a single-channel or dual-channel module.

Advanced Leak Tester Option (ALD)

Uson's Vector Advanced Leak Tester Option (ALD) permits leak testing during the adiabatic cooling phase. The Advanced Leak Tester generates and stores a model of the adiabatic cooling cycle of the component being tested. During testing, the Advanced Leak Tester's Leak Rate Model is used to accurately determine the leak rate of the part under test, resulting in less time to test and more accurate results.

Benchtop Enclosure Version

The Vector benchtop standard configuration includes a 5-slot backplane with slots for 4 boards. This configuration allows up to two LTCUs (up to 4 channels) or a single LTCU (up to 2 channels) and an External Digital I/O.

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