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Vector Windows 10 Upgrade Information

Welcome to the Vector leak tester Upgrade Information Page. Our team of service and support experts are ready to assist you with facilitating the upgrade of your Vector unit(s). We’ve provided a list of commonly asked questions below to provide you with all the key information you will need.

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Why Should I upgrade?

There are 3 key reasons why you should upgrade your Vector leak testers:
  1. The upgrade package includes replacing the existing Windows operating system with Windows 10. Windows 10 allows for the latest security patches and file sharing capabilities. After the upgrade, units can be safely reconnected to the network without compromising data security.
  2. New MCU - The Vectors current MCU is an end-of-life component. The upgrade package includes replacing the current MCU with a modern and readily available MCU extending the life and serviceability of the unit.
  3. A Clearer, All Digital Interface - As part of the upgrade you’ll receive an upgraded all digital display that will provide for improved visibility in production environments.

The only functionality change made by this upgrade is the deactivation of the pass/fail lights on the front panel.

Which models can be upgraded?

3U, 6U Vectors can be upgraded.

Vector Benchtops are not included in the upgrade. If you have a Vector Benchtop, Uson has developed a functional equivalent in a different form factor. Please contact us for more information about this option.

How does the Upgrade Process Work?

The process is simple! First you will contact us with the serial numbers of the Vector units you want to upgrade. The serial number will allow our service team to research and audit your equipment and build details to determine all the components, including secondary I/O boards, needed to perform the upgrade.

Once we’ve collected all the information, we will coordinate the upgrade and scheduling with your local service representative. The local representative will contact you directly to schedule your upgrade service.

How long does the upgrade process take?

In most cases the upgrade process will take 1-2 days per unit. When the technician arrives on site, they will first download the database from the Vector unit. Once the download is complete they will replace MCU, which will be preloaded with the Windows 10 operating system. Next, they will replace the display and install the wiring harness.

Once everything is replaced, the technician will power-up the unit and reload the database. After the database has loaded, they will perform some basic tests to ensure the unit is ready for service.

How do I request upgrades for my Vector leak testers?

To request an upgrade to your Vector units you may contact your local service center.

Find Your Service Center

Or you can click here to contact Uson’s Service & Support Department.

How much does the upgrade cost?

Upgrade costs are dependent on many factors including age and build revision. You can contact your local service center for a detailed quote, or click here to contact Uson Service & Support for more information.

What if I don’t want to upgrade?

We strongly encourage you to upgrade your Vector units to ensure continued serviceability and optimal performance. Although the Vector can continue to run on the existing Windows platform, security patches and support are not available and present a security risk. If you do not upgrade, Uson recommends disconnecting the tester(s) from your network.

In addition the current MCUs have become obsolete and are at end of life. If repair is needed, the system must be upgraded at the time of service.

Will this upgrade affect the software currently installed on my Vector?

The existing Vector application will not be affected by the Windows operating system upgrade.

I have more questions. Who do I call?

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