What is Concurrent Leak Testing?


Concurrent Leak Testing

A Concurrent Leak Test is when you are synchronously testing multiple parts with the same test. This type of testing is often used for medical device manufacturing applications where maximum throughput is critical to production.

In the video below, Rudolph Fuentes, Uson Technical Sales Specialist, demonstrates how this type of  leak testing works using our Sprint mD tester.



More About The Sprint mD Leak Tester

The SprintmD helps users achieve operational excellence by delivering improved process insights powered by embedded fieldbus technology combined with advanced security features to meet compliance requirements. With fast cycle times and the ability to accommodate a wide range of multi-functional and part integrity tests, the SprintmD is the ideal leak tester to meet the requirements for product testing within the medical device industry.



Uson Leak Testers

Uson offers a comprehensive suite of single and multi-channel leak testers that are highly customizable and saleable to meet a variety of  application requirements.  Not sure which tester is right for you? No problem! We can assist you in selecting the right equipment to meet your needs.


Have Questions? Uson Can Help!

If you have questions about how our Sprint mD, or Concurrent Leak Testing can improve your manufacturing and production processes,  Uson’s team of experts can help.  Our global support network combined with Uson’s expert team can help you with application studies, leak tester selection and leak testing training.  Contact us today, and let’s talk about your next project!

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