Why Leak Test?


Everything Leaks Air!

Leak testing is a necessary and integral part of your manufacturing process. You can use different methods to check for leaks but, the most common and reliable is pressure testing.

One way to illustrate pressure testing is to blow up a balloon. Chances are you can tell if it has any leaks by watching the balloon. a very small leak might take several hours.  Now if a pressure gauge were connected to the balloon, you could quickly tell if it had any leaks by watching the gauge.  If the pressure began to drop, you know a leak was present. Even a very small leak would be detected right away.

In manufacturing, even very small leaks can cause big problems.  That’s why you need a fast, reliable method for detecting leaks in parts.

Leak testing is performed for two very critical reasons:

  1. Safety: Certainly safety is your biggest concern for ensuring that parts don’t leak. the consequences of leaking parts include fatal accidents, fires, or explosion, and damage to people and surroundings. 
  2. Quality: Leak testing for quality assurance helps prevent product malfunction or deterioration, costly mistakes in manufacturing, and impaired customer relations.

Testing an engine block for leaks in the casting is just as vital as ensuring that each and every blood bag manufactured does not leak.  Many different parts – large and small, extremely rugged and very delicate, simple and complex – need to be checked for leaks.

Uson manufactures a variety of leak testing equipment for a variety of applications including medical, automotive, industrial, and packaging.  We specialize in partnering with manufacturers to design product leak testing systems that optimize their manufacturing processes.

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