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Why Leak Tester Calibration Matters

In any quality-control operation, it’s necessary to have multiple levels of quality standards for testing equipment. Unsurprisingly, the same goes for leak testing equipment. Leak tester calibration is key to  accurate test results.

To determine accuracy and tolerances within any test, a documented comparison of the tested device must be calibrated against a reference device. How does one calibrate effectively? Let’s break it down.

Verifying Leak Tester Calibration

STEP ONE: Determine a Master Part

As stated above, successful leak tester calibration requires a reference device: one devoid of error. In leak testing, we refer to this as the “Master Part.” A non-leaking Master Part must be identical and of the same material as production parts in order to get accurate results.

Simply install a non-leaking Master Part to our tester and select the desired test program to start the test. Should no leaks be found, the Master Part will receive a status of ACCEPT.

STEP TWO: Install a Leak Master

Leak MasterA Leak Master can be a fixed or variable orifice or flow meter set to a rejected leak rate.

It’s installed after a Master Part has been determined in order to emulate a “controlled leak” that can be tested, proving our tester’s accuracy.

STEP THREE: Test again

Once a Leak Master has been installed to the Master Part, running the test again will result in a REJECT status as a leak has now been determined.

In summary, the fact that the first test received a status ‘ACCEPT’ and the second test received a status of ‘REJECT’ verifies the calibration. And at Uson, each of our test programs require successful compensation and calibration before they will execute.

To avoid leaks, profit loss, and defunct products, verification of the tester should be done on a regular basis. It assures you that the tester accurately accepts good parts and rejects bad parts, which can further help determine if the problem is with the fixture or the parts. Get your parts tested today with Uson.  Click here to learn more about our tester calibration services.

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