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Your Favorite Leak Testers Just Got Even Better!

For over 50 years we have been pushing the boundaries of leak testing and leak testers and you might be forgiven for thinking there’s not much left to do. But you’d be wrong.

Engineers Discussing Product Innovation

We have had almost six decades of listening to customers and, not surprisingly, it has instilled in our company a culture of continuous improvement.

We are always looking for ways to improve your experience when purchasing equipment or services. Some of you have been forthcoming with ideas and suggestions and we are most grateful for your feedback.

This month I thought I would use this space as a digest of some improvements that we have been making in two popular leak testers, SprintmD and OptimavT.


  1. Ever wanted to clear a program out and start with a blank slate?  You can now. A set Program Defaults function has been added to Options>General screen to set the selected program range to their default values.
  2. Need the operators to Log In before testing parts? We have added this user selectable option. Options>Tester Control screen now includes a “Log In Required” checkbox that when checked will not start a test until a user logs in. This provides and additional layer of security.
  3. Want test data log to include the operator’s information that ran the tests? The Options>Log Setup screen now provided options to output the Username (login name) and the Full Username.
  4. Do you prefer an individual file per test cycle or one file per day? The Options> Log Destination screen now lets the user choose to have a new Result Log file created per “Test Cycle” or “Daily”. The default is “Daily”.


Optima Software release2.13.0 includes the following improvements:

  1. Have you ever needed the raw sensor data for generating and comparing the pressure or flow profile charts yourself? The OptimavT   leak and flow testers now have two RS-232 output formats to choose from. The output is for the sensor data every 0.1 seconds, all sensors, meaning up to 4 sensors per channel and up to 8 sensors for a dual channel instrument are logged.  Options>Sample Logging now supports “Format1” and “format 2” for the output. Format 1 provides header information, serial number for each line.  Format 2 is a slightly condensed format that eliminates the header and outputs a start-of-test timestamp on each sample interval. Format 2 is best for logging to a database such as SQL.
  2. Want the OptimavT to display the barcode scan data or the pass thru text from the PLC?  This information is now displayed on the Audit Log screen. A menu has been added to the Audit Log screen to select the display of Pass-Thru-Text 1 & 2. Barcode scan 1 or Barcode Scan 1 & 2. Pass-Thru-Text or Barcode information is added to the next Audit Log screen row when it is made available ahead of Test-Start. Columns for result information are updated at Test-End. Barcode scan strings are displayed on the status for all run-mode screen.

And lastly, we have also made it easier to request quotes, service, or RMA numbers by adding buttons to most pages of our website.

All in all, by no means staggering changes but an aggregation of small improvements implemented to make your leak tester even more useful.

If you have suggestions for improvements or new feature request, we are always listening. Reach out to us or contact me directly at

Joe Pustka

Director Applications Engineering

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