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Uson Leak Test Calculator AppUsons’ Leak Calculator App Makes Factory Floor Calculations Effortless.

I have to admit, sometimes it feels strange to look back on the non-digital age and recall how we calculated leak rates longhand, using scientific formulae discovered long, long, ago. Well like my colleagues here at Uson, I can still do that but, for everyone else, we have two solutions; Usons’ leak calculator app, and the NDT test calculator spreadsheet.

For those who desire something sophisticated we have the Uson Leak Calculator App available for Apple and Android devices. This solution can do a whole lot of calculations. It’s like having your own leak testing expert on hand (or in your pocket) all the time .With the leak calculator app you can:Uson Leak Calculator Smartphone App

  • Solve for Total Cycle Time
  • Solve Part Volume
  • Solve Leak Rate
  • Solve for Expected Pressure Change
  • Solve for Test Time
  • Solve for Leak Rate
  • Common Pressure Unit Converter
  • Common Flow Unit Converter
  • Pressure Decay Cycle Time
  • Calculation for Part Volume Size
  • Selectable Engineering Units

The Uson Leak Calculator App gives very good approximations.

Cycle times will be influenced by valve sizes, tubing lengths and other factors and so should be considered as estimates, within 10-15%. Once you have set up your leak tester, you can use the actual fill time and get a much more accurate result.

The app makes calculations on the factory floor effortless. If you’re a machine builder, the app can give quick answers to “what if” scenarios, helping you to make time saving decisions.

To get the Uson app visit the Apple App  Store or Google Play store on your ‘phone or tablet and don’t forget to “like” it! Did I mention it’s FREE?

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Other Helpful Leak Calculation Tools from Uson

For those of you who have not fully embraced the world of TikTok, WhatsApp, WeChat and etcetera, etcetera we have a very helpful spreadsheet solution.

The Uson NDT test calculator is a great little spreadsheet that makes calculating pressure decay cycle times and throughput a cinch.

Uson Leak Calculation Spreadsheet ToolYou simply input the leak rate, part volume, pressure range and number of sensors being used. Then add the estimated load / unload and clamp times and the spreadsheet will do the rest for.

Not exactly the most technology based solution, but very effective, nevertheless.

How can you use the Uson NDT test calculator spreadsheet?

Of course, that’s the obvious question and the answer will surprise you. Below are the calculated outputs provided by the calculator:

  • Pressure Ranges (PSIG)
  • Leak Rate Target
  • Test cycle times, including all stages of fill, stabilization, test time, and total)
  • Number of parts tested per hour
  • Number of parts tested per minute
  • Seconds per part

Let’s consider how you might use the calculator with Optima vT leak and flow tester. The ability to custom configure the leak tester is very important because pressure decay leak tests are only one of the dozen types of tests that the unique OptimavT tester can perform. It gives you nearly half a billion different permutations of how you could use this technology if you are looking at test methodology alone.

Now add in all those variables for part sizes, shapes, volumes, test pressures, acceptable leak rates, pneumatic controls affecting cycle times, and so forth—ALL of which can be custom configured on the OptimavT – and it should be obvious to you that there is a real need for this type of a fully automated calculator to help you constantly improve test processes, efficiencies and throughput.

Let’s say you have fixed test pressures and parts volumes but need to know the answer to “What if you used 8-sensor concurrent leak testing instead of simple two-channel dual testing?”

Now you can calculate throughput improvements in seconds and in turn get an exact return-on-investment from trading up to the latest leak testing technology built into the Optima vT leak tester.

How to access the NDT test calculator spreadsheet

If you’re more old school or don’t need the all the features of the app, send me an email at and ask me for a copy of the spreadsheet calculator.

Need more advice? Just call me at 281-671-2000 or use the email address, above.

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