Leak Tester Selection

Leak tester selection is a critical aspect of any successful manufacturing process.  At Uson, we have the people and resources that can help you determine the best leak testing equipment for your specific application requirements.  

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We do this FREE OF CHARGE*. Our leak tester specialists have extensive knowledge in the full range of leak testing techniques and can help you to determine the best leak testing equipment to use.  Our team will carefully review key factors including the type of test method and number of test channels needed, as well as fixture, data capture, and software integration requirements. 

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Uson Offers Two Leak Tester Selection Services

Leak Tester Express Proposal service:

  • Appropriate for most companies and especially those attempting to speed time to market for new products or to fully tool new assembly operations with best-match leak testers.

  • The Uson “Express” service employs the vast Uson database of leak test solutions to quickly determine best match leak testers for most RFP proposals.

Leak Testing Equipment Custom Application Proposal Service:

Designed for more challenging test specifications or others requiring additional study prior to selecting best match leak testers.  For example:

  • Leak testing equipment including high flow valves capable of filling large volumes quickly

  • Leak testers with build-in pneumatic circuits that automatically switch leak tests from one side of a part to another

  • Leak testing equipment optimized for multiple test pressure requirements, etc.

  • Custom fixtures including cylinders or other movements

  • And complete turnkey systems

UIS Leak testing machine

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