Leak Testing Basics

How to Buy a Leak Tester

This guide outlines what you need to know and the questions you should ask before buying a leak tester.


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What is a Leak Tester?

Leak tests are used to identify a leak exists and measure the size of the leak.



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What is Leak Testing?

Leak testing is the process of checking a product for leaks (a defect) and may be achieved using various test methods. 


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Leakage Explained

Leak tests may be carried out for an environmental reason, or what is contaminated by the environment. 

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Why Leak Test?

Leak testing is a necessary and integral part of your manufacturing process.

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Benefits of Leak Testing

These benefits can be appreciated by a diversity of groups within an organization: Quality Control, Production, Finance, Sales, Marketing and Development.


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Tester Selection by Leak Test Method

Determining the best leak tester by leak test technique is an effective strategy. 

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How to Leak Test

A product’s function (and its subsequent profitability) relies on maintaining efficiency and production. 

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What is Functional Leak Testing?

Functional leak testing involves challenging the performance of an assembly against a set of predefined performance criteria.

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What is Concurrent Leak Testing?

A Concurrent Leak Test is when you are synchronously testing multiple parts with the same test. 

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What is Sequential Leak Testing?

A Sequential Leak Test is when you sequence between several different test programs which can be different types of test programs, or different test pressures.


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Leak Rate Calculator

This convenient and easy-to-use app can calculate leak rate and estimate cycle times right from your for your iOS or Android device.

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