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Uson offers tailored leak testing training to meet your company’s needs for problem-free leak test operations. Conducted by our technical support professionals, we provide a variety of test method and application-specific training on Uson leak testers with classes offered at our facilities or at your site.

Uson’s leak testing classes range from a full day to three days and content varies as required.

Depending on your company leak testing information requirements, training classes can be offered in both a formal or informal setting.

 Your Custom Leak Testing Training Program Can Include:
  1. Commonly used terms and other primer type information on all commercial dry air and helium tracer gas leak testing methods-pressure decay, differential pressure decay, mass flow, or tracer gas.
  2. Dry air vs. bubble testing-to locate where leaks are or leak rate details.
  3. Tour of leak tester features: sensors; software views and displays on monitor; functions of instrumentation to control the test cycles; chambers to isolate parts for testing; valves and lines to create vacuum or pressures required for proper leak tests.
  4. Step-by-step leak tester installation instructions into assembly line or for off-line use.
  5. Details of various models of leak testers for flow tests and leak test solutions.
  6. Address application accuracy and sensors’ sensitivity requirements for proper selection of leak testing equipment.
  7. Understanding leak tester readings, test results and reports-what is measured.
  8. Visual Inspection of leak test technology for signs of damage and needs for timely maintenance, replacement parts or repairs –valves, sensors, vacuum sources, air flow lines, fixtures, etc. -and how to verify system integrity and protect leak tester parts from costly and unnecessary damage.
  9. Maximizing quality improvement programs with use of readings and information from leak tester software used to monitor all phases of the leak test cycle- both for timely inspecting of the test processes and more Six Sigma type quality programs using data file downloads
  10. How professional line operators can use the leak tester’s software for timely data views and displays and other tools to maximize the benefits provided by the equipment.
  11. Recommendations on leak test data and report distribution throughout the plant.
  12. Standard techniques to manage and control thermal effects of varying plant temperatures (heat) and other plant conditions that need to be checked, as well as related measures to ensure accurate leak testing.
  13. Low leak rates vs. high flow rate testing.
  14. Running leak test to gage reliability and reproducibility (Gage R&R) requirements.
  15. Up-front pricing vs. lifetime costs of various model and types of leak testers and how each performs over time.
  16. Instrumentation comparison guides: sensors, small volume vs. large volume testing, high pressure vs. vacuum testing.
  17. Sealing methods and their importance within the context of fixtures and automation.
  18. Advanced feature recommendations for time saving steps and operations efficiency such as bar code readings and RFID tags for parts and to enable parts, products, and test data identification automatically.
  19. Networking and integration of newest or legacy version software tools.
  20. Sample downloads of leak tester data and examples of how data details can be exported to additional file formats.

Additional course material can be arranged in advance and in addition all  class participants’ questions are answered in detail throughout the courses.

Your Uson instructors are highly skilled and trained in leak testing technology. All instructors have many years (decades!) of experience in best-practices and test methods in a wide range of applications, including the details for testing based on your business and industry’s requirements.

You will learn at your own pace; class material is specially designed to match the skill set of attendees.

There are Uson leak testing training class locations worldwide. For schedules of upcoming training opportunities or to find the nearest Uson one-on-one training center, or if your plant is eligible for an on-site training session, or for more information on any one-on-one training events–email: info(at)
Uson’s Leak testing Training Sessions Define the Standard of Professional Leak Testing

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