Package Leak Testing

Uson leak testers provide accurate and reliable package integrity testing and sealed component testing solutions for the pharmaceutical, food, personal products and consumer goods industries. 

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Package Integrity

Package Leak Testing and Package Integrity Testing Solutions

Most people may not realize the omnipresent role the packaging industry plays in their day-to-day lives. From blister packs and pharmaceuticals to salty snacks and cereal bags, the variety of products that require sealing can seem endless. Uson's package seal testing equipment can assess leaks in many applications like pre-cooked and packaged foods, devices in pouches or sachets, even cigarette packs.

Manufacturers Rely on Uson for Package Leak Testing Solutions

With an endless array of bags, packs and wraps appearing on the market, package integrity testing is essential. The ability to provide thorough, cost-effective, and time-efficient package leak testing is an on-going challenge, but that’s why leading packaging manufacturers rely on Uson.

Package Seal Pills
Flexible Package Testing Experts

Flexible Package Seal Testing Experts

Uson’s package seal integrity testing methods are ideal for the packaging industry, addressing specific manufacturing needs while containing costs. We not only have equipment that is versatile and convenient to use, we also provide excellent solutions for the problems of destructive testing for flexible packaging because of our attention to package integrity testing standards. We understand flexible packaging often presents the most challenges, and while most leak testing methods are outdated, destructive and inaccurate, Uson has a professional, objective method of measuring approximate leak sizes. 

From a simple one-test device to a multi-channel, multi-test system our equipment and methodology is non-destructive. In fact, non-destructive leak testing techniques are available for pouches, lidded trays, vials and induction sealed bottles. We also perform burst, creep and seal strength tests, too.

Package Leak Testing Applications



  • Blister packs
  • Pill bottles

Food & Beverage


  • Cereal premiums
  • Cooked meat
  • Coffee packs

Consumer Goods


  • Cigarette packs
  • Device in pouches
  • Device in sachets

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