Leak Testing Methods

Back-Pressure Flow Test

When using the Back-Pressure Flow leak test method, the part is continuously pressurized while air is escaping to atmosphere through the passages being checked. 

Burst Test

The Burst Leak Test requires filling a product slowly through a flow valve. After the burst, the pressure rapidly drops to near zero. 



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Continuous Flow Test

The Continuous Flow leak test method allows the flow sensor to measure the flow faster. 


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Crack Test

A Crack Leak test is set up to measure the pressure at which a product, such as a check valve, opens and allows air to flow through.

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Differential Pressure Decay Test

One of the fastest methods of leak testing, differential pressure decay is well suited for many applications. 

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Differential Vacuum Decay Leak Test


Differential vacuum decay test works similar to the differential pressure decay test except that the system is evacuated using an internal or external vacuum.

Exercise/Fluff Leak Test

As the name implies, the exercise/fluff leak test is used as a settling or seating step in order to condition the part before a test program is initiated


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Force Decay Test

The Force Decay leak test is used to test the seal integrity of a flexible or semi-rigid package that contains a headspace. It is well suited to test non-porous package material such as films, foils or laminates. 

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Laminar Flow Leak Test

The Laminar Flow leak test is a sensitive flow technique that is commonly used on large volumes where the leak integrity specification is high.

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Mass Flow Leak Test

The mass flow leak test measures the amount of air passing through an object using units of measurement of sccm or liters/time period.

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Occlusion Leak Test

Occlusion Leak test is used to test a product’s open passages by trapping pressure inside the product, then measuring an expected pressure loss.

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Pressure Decay Leak Test

This test method measures the drop in pressure on a gauge (transducer) during the leak test. 


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Pressure Rise Test

A Pressure Rise Leak test works in the opposite way of a pressure decay test.

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Seal Creep Leak Test

A Seal Creep Leak test tests products that must hold a certain amount of air pressure without failing, but may increase in size or “creep up” during the test.



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Sealed Component Leak Test

The Sealed Component Leak Test is used to test parts that are sealed and do not have a port to depressurize. 




Vacuum Burst Leak Test

The Vacuum Burst Leak Test is useful for testing check valves, relief valves, seal strength and package integrity.

Vacuum Decay Leak Test

Vacuum Decay leak testing is used on a variety of products that can only be leak tested at negative pressure.

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