Fast-Flush Drug Delivery Device Leak Testing



The Challenge

Fast-flush drug delivery device leak testing is a complex process.  Drug delivery devices typically have an inlet and outlet port, a flow restrictor, and a valve to bypass the restrictor. Makers and suppliers of these devices must ensure correct operation and integrity.

Challenge #1: Find all the right equipment to measure very low flow, high-flow, valve re-seating, valve leakage, and body leaks in the product.

Challenge #2: Organize the equipment into one integrated test. Sometimes accomplished with computers and programmable logic controllers, this can be a formidable task. The resulting group of equipment can be bulky, difficult to calibrate, hard to operate and a burden to keep maintained.

The Sprint iQ Solution for leak testing Fast-Flush Delivery Devices

The Sprint iQ is the only off-the-shelf answer to fast-flush drug delivery device leak testing. No other tester in the world is manufactured to meet the demands of this specific product test.  Incorporating a pressure sensor, two precision mass flow transducers, valving and logic control; the Sprint iQ handles the complex device testing routing in one small and easy-to program tester. With the press of Sprint iQ’s start button, the six-step test performs:

  1. a leak test using flow
  2. a low flow test
  3. a high flow test
  4. a second low flow test
  5. a deviation limit evaluation
  6. a “roll over” or actuator manipulation test

How Sprint iQ Leak Tester Works


The Sprint iQ tester works like this:

  • The product is attached to both test ports and Sprint iQ is started by the operator or automated equipment. Air is routed to both Port 1 and Port 2 to conduct a leak test on the product body. (Figure 1)
  • Air is routed to Port 1 through the restrictor and out to atmosphere through valve V2. Low flow is measured with Sprint iQ’s low-range flow transducer [F1].
  • The product’s flush valve [FF] is activated by the operator or automated fixturing. The resulting high flow is measured with Sprint iQ’s high-range flow transducer [F2].
  • Sprint iQ performs a second low-flow test.
  • Sprint iQ compares the first low flow to the second low flow to make sure the flush valve [FF] has properly reseated in the device being tested.

Leak Measurement Solutions for Medical Device Manufacturers

Uson provides leak and flow testing solutions for the medical device manufacturing industry. In addition to extensive experience with fast-flush delivery device applications, Uson has assisted manufacturers with testing solutions for catheters, well plates, breathing tubes and many more. Our team. Contact us today and let's talk about your next project.

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