Cylinder Head Water Jacket & Oil Drain-back Holes


Scope of Work

Test the integrity of the cylinder head water jacket for porosity, while simultaneously testing each oil drain-back hole for casting blockage.


To discover porosity of the cylinder head water jacket and casting blockage of the oil drain-back holes.


Cylinder Head water jacket can be tested either with mass flow or pressure decay. The oil drain-back hole will be tested using back pressure flow.

  • Typical test pressure (water jacket) = 1.4 Bar to 4.1 Bar
  • Typical leak rate (water jacket) = 10 CC/Min to 25 CC/Min
  • Typical test pressure (oil drain-back) = 0.13 Bar to 0.34 Bar
  • Typical obstruction = 20% or greater

Cylinder Head Water Jacket Fig1

Test Sequence

During the testing of the water jacket each oil drain-back hole will be tested for blockage.

TesterVector - 800x800

  • Vector 3 channel tester:
  • Channel #1 testing the water jacket.
  • Channel #2 and channel #3 testing the oil drain-back holes.
  • All tests performed simultaneously in (1) test station using (1) Vector tester.

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