Engine Oil Cavity Test


Scope of Work

Test the integrity of the final assembled engine oil cavity to determine if there are leaks in the upper or lower portion of the assembly to establish the leak rate of the rear oil seal.


This leak test has been configured to identify the following potential faults:

Missing or damaged gaskets:

  • Head gasket
  • Rocker cover gasket
  • Oil pan gasket
  • Front cover gasket
  • Rear oil seal
  • Intake gasket
  • Oil filter gasket

Missing or damaged:

  • Rear oil seal
  • Spark plug tower seals.


Mass flow transducer will flow air into a port on the rocker cover for the upper portion test. A mass flow transducer will flow air into the dip stick tube for the lower portion test. While a mass flow transducer will monitor the flow coming from the rear oil seal test. If there is a leak in the upper portion of the assembly the upper mass flow transducer will respond to the flow, as will the lower mass flow transducer in the lower portion if there is a leak there. The mass flow connected to the rear oil seal will monitor only the leakage from the rear oil seal. This test system will allow the operator to set reject limits for the engine assembly and a different reject limit for the rear oil seal.

EngineOilCavityTest Fig1


TesterVector - 800x800

Vector 3 channel tester testing all 3 channels simultaneously in one test station.



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