Quick Setup on Sprint mD Leak Tester


The Quick Setup feature on our Sprint mD leak tester is a perfect combination of Uson leak testing expertise and customer feedback. Time and time again, our customers asked for ways to streamline and shorten the setup process so they can start leak testing parts quicker.

Uson’s Engineers took this feedback and developed the powerful, yet intuitive Quick Setup feature. This feature uses Uson algorithms and testing expertise to get users setup and running in minutes, without the hassle of manually calculating test parameters.

By entering just few parameters including Leak Threshold, Test Pressure, Test Tolerance and Part Volume, the Sprint mD automatically calculates default variables for Fill Time, Isolate, Stabilize, Measure and Vent parameters. This greatly reduces setup time and allows part optimization to being in minutes, not hours.

In the video below, Jonathan Cole, Uson Director of Global Sales, demonstrates just how easy it is to use the Quick Setup feature on Uson’s Sprint mD.


Is the Sprint mD Leak and Flow Tester Right for Your Application?


The Sprint mD is best suited for applications requiring higher pressures to get the same amount of flow or performance. It includes tester compliance with standards such as 21 CFR Part 11 (U.S.), MHRA/EU Annex 11, making it a great choice for medical device testing, however it can be configured for up to five non-destructive leak and flow test combinations to support both part integrity and part performance leak testing. The SprintmD leak tester also accommodates multifunctional testing, including pressure, vacuum, flow testing, occlusion, burst, and crack testing.

Need More Information?

We can help! Our experience team of leak testing experts can assist you in identifying the right Uson leak tester for your application. Contact us today or click here to find a Uson representative in your area.

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