Uson Celebrates 60 Years of “Firsts” In Leak Testing Innovation.


Uson Celebrates 60 Years of driving innovation in leak testing

Since 1963 Uson has set the bar for leak testing technology. Established in Houston, Texas by Rice University graduate William J. Raptson Jr., Uson is the world leader in the design and manufacture of leak test equipment and is regarded as the pioneer of modern leak testing. Uson’s first major business venture was marketing a gas sensing leak detector developed by U.S. Naval Research Laboratories. Little did Mr. Rapson know that this was the catalyst for Uson setting industry standards for the next 60 years.


Celebrating 60 Years with A New

In addition to celebrating 60 years of leak testing excellence with a brand-new website, we also want to celebrate 60 years of “Firsts” in our industry. These Firsts elevated standards for testing technology enabling manufacturers around the world to bring the safest and highest quality products to their customers.

A History of "Firsts" From Uson

  • 1963 –1st portable leak tester – Models 500/510/540
  • 1969 – 1st electronic leak tester – Model 300
  • 1978 – 1st microprocessor-based leak tester -Model 100
  • 1988 – computer-based leak tester – Model 4300
  • 1990 –1st multi-station leak tester – Model 4400
  • 1992 –1st LCD touch-screen leak tester – Testra
  • 2002 –1st multi-channel leak tester using a Windows platform – Vector
  • 2009 –1st color touch-screen leak tester – Qualitek mR
  • 2012 –1st Four high resolution sensor inputs/channel – Optima vT
  • 2014 –1st Smart device interface – Raptor (retired in 2022)
  • 2018 –1st tester with advanced security authentication and audit logging enabling compliance with 21 CFR 11 (U.S), C, MHRA/EU Annex 11 and others - Sprint mD
  • 2020 - 1st 750psi capable bench top tester - Sprint mD
  • 2021- 1st tester with Single Sign On (SSO) capability via local network user profiles - Optima vT & Sprint mD
  • 2023 - More "firsts" coming soon! Keep your eyes on the stars!

Over the last 10 years Uson has introduced the Sprint family of tabletop testers with the most recent model being the Sprint mD. This tester combines the best of Uson innovation into a versatile, powerful tabletop unit. The Sprint mD offers enhanced communication protocols and advanced security features that have made it the preferred leak tester for hundreds of medical device manufacturers around the world.


Uson's Team of Leak Testing Experts

What about the people behind this impressive diary of accomplishments? Over the past 60 years Uson has employed some of the most talented and tenured experts in the industry. This unparalleled experience and insight are passed-on to our customers through leak testing equipment and systems capable of solving their most complex testing challenges.


Expect More "Firsts" From Uson

Now that you know a little more about Uson, you might be asking “How can they possibly top the last 60 years? That’s a fantastic question! Check back with us later this year for the answer, and even more “Firsts” from Uson. Keep your eyes on the stars!

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