What Does A 1cc Leak Rate Look Like?


1 cc Leak Rate Bubble Demonstration Video using the Sprint mD Leak Tester

Have you ever wondered what a 1cc leak rate looks like? You’re not alone. Did you also know that a great way to demonstrate leak rates is with bubbles? In the video below Jonathan Cole, Uson’s Director of Global Sales, demonstrates what a 1cc leak rate looks like using bubbles and our Sprint mD leak tester. See if you can guess the leak rate question at the end of the video.

The Sprint mD leak tester communicates and assimilates process data to and from connected equipment, providing the intelligence required to optimize manufacturing quality processes. Through improved process insights powered by embedded fieldbus technology combined with advanced security features, the Sprint mD helps helping users achieve operational excellence and meet compliance requirements with ease. With fast cycle times and the ability to accommodate a wide range of multi-functional and part integrity tests, the Sprint mD is the ideal leak tester to meet the requirements for product testing within the medical device industry.

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