Uson Releases A3-Network (A3N) Upgrade for Optima vT Leak Tester


Uson’s Optima vT 2.15.0 A3N upgrade streamlines data traceability, security & change control by leveraging centralized Microsoft© network user profiles.

Houston, TX, USA – On March 7, 2022, Uson LP raises the bar of innovation within the leak testing solutions industry and announces the worldwide launch of Optima vT A3N software update 2.15.0. The A3N upgrade provides powerful data traceability, security and change control functionality allowing customers to manage their data efficiently through existing Microsoft network user credentials and policies.

“This upgrade demonstrates Uson’s customer-centric approach to product development. Our customers require reliable traceability, security, and change control of tester data and have invested heavily in complex network security to facilitate this functionality in other key areas of their business. By leveraging existing company network architecture and user profiles, the Optima vT A3N upgrade provides our customers with the same traceability, security, and change control of their leak tester data.” Comments Uson Director of Global Sales & Marketing, Jonathan Cole.

The Optima vT 2.15.0 A3N software upgrade will be facilitated through a combined effort with our global representative network, and Uson headquarters in Houston, Texas. Existing customers will begin receiving communications from Uson detailing the upgrade process over the next couple of weeks.

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Upgrade FAQ's

Interested in upgrading your Optima vT with A3N capability?  Check out our list of frequently asked questions to get more information. 


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