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FDA Compliance for Medical Device Manufacturing Applications

FDA Title 21 CFT Part 11 ComplianceStreamlining FDA Compliance for Medical Device Manufacturing Applications


How Uson’s Sprint mD and Optima vT are making FDA Compliance Easier for Medical Device Manufacturers

There’s a level of safety and assurance patients hope to feel when going to hospitals and doctor’s offices. While it’s easy to say a patient’s

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Scalable Leak Testing Equipment for Changing Application Requirements

Scalable Leak Testing Equipment - Optima vT

The Optima vT Offers Scalable and Highly Customizable Leak Testing Options For The Most Complex Applications

Manufacturing engineers, quality engineers, automation specialists, design engineers, machine builders and others seeking leak testing equipment for today’s and tomorrow’s application requirements without added costs. To meet these needs, Uson’s Optima vT offers highly

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Multi-Channel Leak Testing Done Right.

Let’s face it everybody wants to get more done with less. Whether we are talking staffing, robots, AI or automated assembly lines – the more you can do faster, the better. The same, of course goes for leak testing. As it’s our business, we know that for some (many) manufacturers,

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Leak Testing Compensation and Calibration

Leak Testing Compensation and Calibration

What is Comp & Cal?

In leak testing you’ll frequently come across the expression “compensation and calibration “or “comp and cal”. This week we will explain what we mean by it and why it is important.

One of the challenges in leak testing using air to fill or pressurize a part is the “adiabatic effect”. An adiabatic effect is one in which heat is not transferred into or out of a system yet a change in temperature occurs. The change is due to work being done on the system’s surroundings. A good example is that of a piston compressing a gas in a cylinder. Did you notice how your bicycle tire pump gets hot when you inflate the tire?

The adiabatic effect occurs when the air pressure in a volume is increased. Remember the calculation (P1xV1)/T1 = (P2xV2)/T2. As the pressure is increased, the number of molecular collisions also increases because the distance between the molecules decreases. The collisions create friction and the result is heat. We learn early in life that heating the air in a closed vessel increases the pressure. When the pressure ceases to increase or the work stops the air molecules slow down and the number of collisions decreases. This in turns leads to cooling and a drop in pressure. If we start to measure the leak rate immediately when we stop filling the part, the small drop in pressure from the reduced molecular activity will resemble a leak and we might get a false result.

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Your Pocket Sized Leak Testing Expert

Your Pocket-Sized Leak Testing Expert

Uson Leak Test Calculator AppUsons’ Leak Calculator App Makes Factory Floor Calculations Effortless.

I have to admit, sometimes it feels strange to look back on the non-digital age and recall how we calculated leak rates longhand, using scientific formulae discovered long, long, ago. Well like my colleagues here at

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