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The Pioneer of Modern Leak Testing

The Show Must Go On.

We live in interesting times. If I hear that one more time……. Well in some respects it’s true.  I have written before about necessity and invention and COVID-19 has brought plenty of invention and adaptation.

One way Uson has adapted to the challenge of remote working is to offer live

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FDA Compliance Made Easy

There’s a level of safety and assurance patients hope to feel when going to hospitals and doctor’s offices. While it’s easy to say a patient’s trust might stem from blind faith, Uson does its job in providing more: measured reliability.

In order to maintain trust and credibility within the health

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Movin’ On Up With SprintmD

One of the things we are all influenced by at some time in our lives, to a lesser or greater extent, is the fear of change. The old adage “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” is often lined up a as great reason to continue with the status quo,

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What Is a Leak Tester?

Have you ever stashed a few extra packets of sugar in your bag only to find a heap of the sweet stuff all over your things? Or maybe that package of smoked trout you picked up from the fish market started leaking before making it home?  

These are minor leak

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Sprint mD Leak Tester Debuts A3 Network

The engineers at Uson continue to push the boundary with new features for the SprintmD to make the leak tester even more versatile and valuable. Their latest innovation has been the introduction of Advanced Authorization & Authentication or A3 network protocol.

This new feature is the most comprehensive leak

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Innovative Leak Tester Sprint mD debuts Enhanced Performance; Increased Operating Pressure and A3 Functionality

The SprintmD is a steadfast, highly accurate, multi-application leak tester that integrates into a process network, allowing communication and assimilation of process data to and from connected equipment, providing the intelligence required to streamline manufacturing processes. Uson, with its commitment to continuous progression, is pleased to announce the advancement

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Multi-Channel Leak Testing Done Right.

Let’s face it everybody wants to get more done with less. Whether we are talking staffing, robots, AI or automated assembly lines – the more you can do faster, the better. The same, of course goes for leak testing. As it’s our business, we know that for some (many) manufacturers,

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Easy Leak Testing With a Programmable Regulator

The Problem

When conducting multiple tests using different test pressures, operators face the problem of constantly adjusting manual air pressure regulators. This is not only time consuming, it elevates the skill level required and increases the odds of human error when leak testing.

A cracking pressure test (often used for

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